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Permajet Giclee Fine Art Prints (Baryta Finish)

FB Distinction 360gsm Fine Art Reproduction Archival paper
Permajet Pro Fibre Base Distinction 360gsm Fine Art Reproduction Archival paper is a triple weighted, bright white fibre base paper which allows this new acid free media to take print quality to the next level. The triple weight feature imitates the traditional look and feel of a true Baryta paper and provides an almost 3D quality to many printed images. This 100% alpha cellulose premium high white gloss Baryta paper guarantees the full archival stability standard.

Print Size (inches)Price (GBP £)Finish
12 x 10£29.99Baryta
15 x 10£29.99Baryta
18 x 12£34.99Baryta
15 x 15£34.99Baryta
20 x 20£36.99Baryta
A2 size (23.4 x 16.5)£39.99Baryta
A1 size (33.1 x 23.4)£59.99Baryta
48 x 24£109.99Baryta
48 x 36£139.99Baryta
Panorama 20 x 10£34.99Baryta
Panorama 24 x 10£34.99Baryta
Panorama 30 x 10£36.99Baryta
Panorama 36 x 12£59.99Baryta
Panorama 40 x 20£79.99Baryta