My "Old John" photograph is used on road signs throughout the Charnwood Gateway area. See the image in my Architecture Gallery...!

Extract from the Loughborough Echo Newspaper dated 20th February 2015.
ATTRACTIVE new signs featuring a well-known Charnwood landmark have been unveiled. Photograph by Martin J. Bryers.

The new ‘gateway’ signs have been placed at nine places on main roads leading into Charnwood by the borough council. They feature a picture of Old John Tower at Bradgate Park.

Coun Hillary Fryer, cabinet member for cleansing and open spaces, said: “The new road signs give a really warm welcome to Charnwood and feature one of the borough’s most well-known sights.

“I am delighted to see them put up.”

Coun Stephen Hampson, cabinet member for leisure and culture, has also been involved in the project.

He said: “I’m really pleased to see the signs in place, providing a fitting gateway to the wonderful borough of Charnwood.”

The first sign was put up on the A6 at Birstall.

Road signs for the entrances to Loughborough are also planned.

Loughborough Echo Article
Old John photo used in road signs.

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