Who will look after my photographs....?

There's no simple photo album to protect my photographs for the future......
During a recent exercise to have my loft re-insulated, one of the first tasks was to remove all of those items that just seem to accumulate in your loft over the years. And you know the score, your inclination is to rummage through the many bags and boxes and wallow in the nostalgia that relates to the various items, rather than simply removing the bags and boxes in order to get the job done....!

I came across an old suit case full of photo albums and photographs of happy times past; you know the ones, when you were courting; the kids when they were babies and growing up; those happy holiday shots of the family and those christmas images of your parents and relatives..... I even came across some really old black and white images that our parents had taken when they were young... Yes there they were, simple, easy to look at and enjoy, and still in near perfect condition....!

I currently have over 20,000 photographs that I have taken over the past few years; all stored digitally on either my computers' hard drive or on separate hard drives for added security. And of course all backed up...! I take great care to backup regularly and meticulously care for my HDD's so as to protect my beloved photographic efforts.

Then I began to wonder, in years to come who will protect my work, my children or, in the future, their children...? Will they even be able to access the hard drives...? Will they stumble upon these old pieces of hardware, oblivious to their content, the bearings probably seized anyway, and toss it in the skip...? Shock horror, what am I to do...?

What I should do is put it in my last will and testament that I have a valued collection of photographs that I would like them to take care of and become learned custodians...? Or should I just accept that these photographs are for my enjoyment whilst I am on this mortal planet...?

What I should also do is to get prints of lots of my favorite images and put them into photo-albums, and then put them up my newly re-insulated loft in a suitcase for someone to stumble upon one day in the future....

Any suggestions...?
Apple 128K....!!

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