Help.... I think I may be turning into a Geek..!

Is being 'a bit' Geeky really the new Cool...?
As my web site progresses and the work on my photographic back catalogue continues, I am finding myself doing more and more Post processing work for the website on my computer; plus of course the web page development work.

Now, let me tell you guys that apart from doing general day-to-day stuff on my computer, I am anything but a technical buff and when it comes to how they work, I am lost..!.

The problem is, my two year old iMac has recently started to run quite slow especially after upgrading to Lion 10.7. I endeavour to keep files etc tidy; empty caches and do general 'House Keeping' duties to optimise performance, but still it was slow. So I did a bit of desktop research on the internet and found myself ordering another 8GB of RAM from for just £38.00....!

Next thing I know, I have my iMac lying on its screen, the plate is off the bottom and before you know it, Wham.... - I have 12 Gig of RAM, job done....!!

What's really worrying me now is.... does this make me a geek....?

So I check this out, only to find out that being Geeky is 'apparently' the new cool...... So it's a win - win..! Happy days... superfast iMac and a cool Geek to boot.....

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